You are right when you feel that keywords are the things that make the differences in SEO. How to find those keywords? Is that an easy task and anyone can do that? It is not at all an easy task, and it is not the task that anybody can do. There are four steps in doing the SEO. Here are the simple steps that the SEO expert Rochester NY do follow.

Understand The Content

The first step of SEO keywords’ research is to understand the business or the purpose, for which the site is made. What the contents will be on the site and what will be their intention is the next thing that is judged by the experts. This is not that easy, as it sounds. The perfect business needs are to be understood here. Unless that is done, the entire task is going to meet a failure. However, there are some tools to assist the experts here too, but most of the time the experts try to get the details from the website owner so that no misinterpretation results.


Surfer’s Thinking and Mistake Manipulation

The next step is to understand what the surfers are thinking while trying to get the list of the sites, which is related to the owner’s website. Here all the steps and mistakes that the surfers do while typing on the search engine are also to be considered, and that becomes the most intensive part of the research too. If a surfer is trying to find a plumber in his or her local town, the typing will include – best or top word in it, and it will be followed by a plumber, and next thing will be the location name.

The first thing is that there will be no mistake while typing best or top, but at least 30 percent of surfers will make a mistake while writing the plumber spelling on the browser. The spelling of the location will be mistaken, and it will be of either upper or lower case. The SEO expert Rochester NY will have to figure out those mistakes and will have to apply the same in the keywords.

Managing Contents

Here the keyword development task is completed, and next is the content management. While managing the content, there are few things that are to be maintained accurately. The first one is the mode of writing. Whether that will be in the article form or blog form is to be judged. It can also be a press release if new updates are to be informed. Placing of the keyword is the next part of the management. Most of the time, for a better SEO, SEO expert Rochester NY places the keyword in the Titles and sub-titles. Along with that, they place the keywords not more than a density of 5% by any means. This is to make the article friendly with Search engines and boost the traffic to the sites with the support of the contents.

Now you are aware of the things that the SEO experts do for your site. So check them in the contents, all the time.